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Jean-Pierre Martinez's plays are available on Imparato


August 21, 2019

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jean-pierre martinez

A new author on Imparato.

Imparato is proud to welcome Jean-Pierre Martinez as a new author on its platform.
You can now find Jean-Pierre Martinez' texts directly in the Imparato library to add to your troupes. In seconds, you can start rehearsing Friday the 13th, for example, one of his many signature plays. To find Jean-Pierre Martinez's plays, just enter his name in the Imparato search engine.

We also referenced all texts of Jean-Pierre Martinez translated in English (and some in Spanish).

Our English-speaking friends will also be able to enjoy Jean-Pierre's "good words"!

The plays currently available.

Here are the plays currently available on Imparato and, for some of them, the different distributions and languages available

A little more about Jean-Pierre Martinez

Born in Auvers-sur-Oise in 1955, Jean-Pierre Martinez was first an advertising semiologist, then a scriptwriter for television (notably on the series Avocats et Associés). He is today one of the authors the most played by the theater companies in France and abroad (in particular in the French and Spanish-speaking countries). Translated into ten languages, his comedies are performed on all five continents. His 67 plays are published by La Comédiathèque. He is also the author of sketches, short stories, micro-novels, stories and poems._

Link to the author's website: https://comediatheque.net/