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When the Stage Becomes a Playground for Forgetfulness: The Remarkable Birth of Imparato


January 05, 2024

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Alex et son trou de mémoire

In the world of theatre, spotlights often shine with promise, yet sometimes, they expose our greatest fears. This is the story of Alex, a talented actor, facing his worst nightmare on stage: a memory lapse.

The Play that Changed Everything

Alex was performing in a bold adaptation of "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde," a captivating play where he held the lead role. The house was full, the curtains rose, and magic was in the air… until that fateful scene. In the midst of a monologue, Alex froze. The words vanished like elusive ghosts. The heavy silence, punctuated by awkward coughs from the audience, filled the room. Alex's face, once vibrant with life, now mirrored a deep void. It was the unthinkable: a black hole in the midst of a shining performance.

The Day After: Reinventing the Wheel

Haunted by this misadventure, Alex couldn't bear the thought of facing such failure again. Deep in thought, an idea sprouted. If only he had a way to rehearse his lines, alone, effectively, at any time…

And so, Imparato was born. A revolutionary app, designed by an actor for actors, enabling rehearsal of lines anywhere, anytime, without needing a partner.

Imparato: A Success Story that Speaks for Itself

Five years later, Imparato is not just an app, but a revolution in the theatre world. Over 70,000 actors now have their accounts. They rehearse, they perform, they learn. And most importantly, they are never alone with their script again.

In conclusion, Alex's failure was not an end, but a new beginning. A fall turned into a springboard, for him and for thousands of others. It turns out, sometimes a memory lapse can lead to memorable discoveries!