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Are my data and plays protected? ๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿป


We treat your data with the utmost respect

At Imparato, we take your data and its security very seriously. Your security and your data matter more than anything else.

Your plays

The plays you upload to Imparato are stored on secure servers. Only automatic processing is allowed to analyze them to help you with the integration.
In exceptional cases, a very small team may have access to a play when, for example, you contact support about it or to fix a stalled integration in Imparato.

We never share your plays. Only you can share them with the actors in your company.

Your personal data

We do not ask you for any superfluous personal data. We use only 3 data: your email, your nickname and your picture profile.

We do not sell it. We don't share it with anyone (except our email service providers, and our payment service provider). It's fine where it is: safe and secure in our databases on our servers in Europe.

You can delete your account at any time. Your information is then physically removed from our database and backups.

If your account is inactive for 2 years, it (and all its associated plays and events) is deleted after a warning email followed by a one month delay.

For more details, please consult our CGU and Privacy Policy.

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