📄 Create, upload, or correct

Create a new play by typing it


💡 Creating new play is only possible from a computer on the website www.imparato.io.

😲 Typing a play can seem like a long and tedious process. Think of it as one more way to begin to take possession of your play. Plus, our editor offers helpers and syntax highlighting to make it easier, and you can ask your scene partners to contribute to its writing. 😌

Step 1: Enter basic information

fields for creating a new play

💡If you are an administrator of a shared band you can choose to place your new play there directly, doing so you will be able to write it with several people, each member will be able to contribute.

Step 2: Type and vocalize

Example of play in the Imparato editor

Your play is now created, you are in the editor with an example of text formatted for vocalization. You can choose to delete everything but we advise you to adapt the example to your needs. This will allow you to quickly get to grips with the Imparato syntax.

All your changes are saved regularly as draft. So if you accidentally close the window, or want to resume later, everything will not be lost 😅

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