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How are payments secured on Imparato?



To handle payments for our users:
- on iOS devices, we use Apple's in-app purchase features that process payments directly
- on Android and on the web, we rely on our partner Stripe, a reputable and reliable platform that handles online payments for millions of businesses worldwide.

Stripe uses TLS and AES-256. Stripe is level 1 certified PCI DSS and complies with European PSD2 legislation on online payments.

Consequently, it is always with Apple or Stripe that you address yourself each time you enter your credit card information for payment, update or when we propose to you to re-use a means of payment already registered.

We never have access to full credit card numbers and do not store any sensitive information about your payment methods.

In addition, by proceeding to payment from a computer on the website and from a compatible browser with a registered credit card, you can directly use the payment systems Apple Pay (Safari), Google Pay (Chrome) or the payment web standard (Firefox).

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