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How are the plays and accesses managed in Imparato?


Imparato has three spaces.

The Library of the Public Domain plays

There are two kinds of plays in the library space:

All these plays are freely accessible and you can copy them in your personal space or one of your groups.

Audio rehearsals of public domain plays are free.

For the texts of contemporary authors, the audio rehearsal feature will require the activation of the trial period or the subscription of a paying formula.

The user's personal space

This is a private space. Each user has by default his own private space named "My plays".

The plays imported or copied in this space are not accessible to other users.

The user can however choose to copy a play from his private space to a shared space.

💡 We guarantee absolute confidentiality on the plays you drop into your space. These are never shared with other users (unless you decide to share yourself).

Who has access to your plays?

The Company, a space shared between several users

A user can create a space dedicated to a company and invite the members of his troop/company. In this case, the plays that will be placed in this shared space will be accessible to invited users (and only to them). In a company, there are 3 user profiles:

Each profile has specific privileges.

Administrators and Owner can:

The Owner can :

The members have access to the plays of the company and they can modify the distribution (link between a member and a role).

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