🦶 Getting started

How does it work?


Imparato is a system that works on phones, tablets and computers.

Sign up and then choose a play from the Imparato public library, or import your own play from within the application.

Imparato is able to identify each character in a play with each of their lines and gender. The application assigns a different voice to each character in the play. Character names, scene comments and other stage directions are not voiced.

This way, you can access your play anywhere and anytime, since it is present on your smartphone. You can listen to the whole dialogue of your text, but you can also ask Imparato to give you the line when you want to do a rehearsal. Just select the character(s) you are playing and the line playback will stop and let you speak. There are several options to customize the difficulty of the rehearsal.

Quick overview of the Imparato application for an actor

If you are an actor:

Quick overview of the Imparato application for a teacher or director

If you manage a troupe of actors (director, teacher in a workshop…):

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