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Our speech synthesis has been developed with great care and advanced deep learning technology. Each voice has been trained with plays respecting the strict rules of each language. We also use voices from major players in the industry such as Google, Microsoft etc...

Inexpressive voices

The synthetic voices used by Imparato are of good quality and not very expressive, very straight, with no particular acting intention. This is at the heart of Imparato's memorization strategy: to allow you to learn your play purely and simply, without intention, without emotion. Imparato is a memorization tool that allows you to do _rehearsals alone, that is to say, to make your memory work.

It is commonly accepted that learning a play is done in the most neutral way possible so that intentions can be added later, when working on stage with the director.

Adding silences

It is possible to add small pauses in a line by adapting your play and using the stage directions (pause) or (silence). These specific stage directions cause a pause in the diction of about one and two seconds respectively. When a longer pause is needed, you can chain these stage directions together:

(silence) (silence) will trigger a heavy 4 second silence 😉.

Punctuation is read out

This happens when the play does not follow punctuation conventions and typography.

Feel free to adapt your play so that it follows these rules.

Capitalized words are spelled out instead of read

This is the normal operation of our text-to-speech system which relies on the rules for capitalization. Words written entirely in capital letters are considered as sigles or acronyms and spelled as such, according to the usage.

Of course, you can adapt your play to regularize the expressions concerned (by changing them to lower case, you can keep the first letter capitalized if necessary)

Can we record our own voice?

This is a feature we are sometimes asked for, and we are thinking about it. You will be notified when it is available if we develop it.

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