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On your phone, audio cues "jump" for no reason


See the "On Mobile" tab above ⬆️ 😉

Are you in the middle of a rehearsal and it stops or jumps abruptly to the next line?

The Continue by shaking your device option is active 😲

If you have disabled the Continue by swipinp screen option, it is by shaking your device that Imparato will continue to the next cue.
In this case, when your device is in motion (for example if you are holding it in your hand or walking), the application may wrongly detect a shake and it will move to the next cue.

There are four possibilities depending on your situation:

  • re-enable the continue by swiping screen option, to become unaffected by the shaking of the device
  • increase the intensity of the movement necessary to consider that it is a sequence. However, depending on the sensors available in your device, this may not be enough
  • disable the continue by shaking completely by moving the slider to the left
  • put your phone down if you were holding it in your hand 😉

The option Reduce listening between your cues is active 🕐

If several lines are skipped, or you do not hear the beginning of long lines, this may be the result of the Reduce Listening Between Your Lines option being active.

With this option, Imparato ignores long passages that are not relevant to your role, and cuts off the longest lines from the others, leaving only the last 10 seconds to be heard, which may lead you to believe that there is a problem when there is not.

A specific sound tells you that there has been a jump or a cue has been truncated.

A bug is specific to your play

If it keeps jumping even though shaking the device is off, there is probably a specific problem with either your device or your play.

  • Start by checking another play to see if it works, for example with a play from the Library
  • Contact support at support[@]imparato.io and describe as precisely as possible what is going on (which play and which line it is etc...)

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