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The Free Basic Plan in detail ๐Ÿ†“


Here, in detail, is what you can do (or not do) with Imparato free, without paying a cent.

โš ๏ธWe're not talking about the trial period which gives you Unlimited access for at least 14 days to all Imparato's features, but rather the free Basic version of the application.

When is it active?

The free Basic version is activated by default. This is the case when

What does it entitle you to?

In the most general case, the free plan gives you access to all of Imparato's features except the audio rehearsals. This means that

In some cases, you can do it all with a free Basic plan!

There are special cases where your free Basic plan does not prevent you from doing rehearsals!

This is the case when

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