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What do Imparato's voices sound like?


Synthetic voices, yes...

Imparato automatically creates voices for each line of the play you give it. These are synthetic voices.

Imparato produces high quality voices, but they are still synthetic voices. Our goal is not to create humanoid voices with subtle nuances and intentions. Indeed, Imparato is not an audio book about theater.

... but voices for learning!

Our ambition is much greater than just having you "listen" to theater. Our ambition is to help you learn your text.

To do this, we have designed Imparato so that you can do rehearsals on your own. The principle of a rehearsal (see definition) is that it works the memory and only the memory. It is a powerful tool for memorization.

Once you have your play well in mind, you can work on your intentions and your play according to the directives of your director.

Imparato's voices, which remain neutral and "flat", are perfect for learning a play. With Imparato, you won't get locked into false intentions that are extremely difficult to correct later on.

Line Rehearsal or Rehearsal: A rehearsal in which one simply says or recites one's play with one's partners, without acting and without intention. It is a formidable exercise in memorization. It is also a good tool to "warm up" your memory before a rehearsal or a performance.

Imparato is multilingual

Imparato already speaks 7 languages: English, French, French Canadian, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch.

Our capabilities are endless. Contact our support if you want us to add more languages!

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