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Best acting classes in Boston in 2024


September 12, 2022

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Drama classes in Boston

Do you love the stage and improvisation but don't know how to start? In this article, you will discover different theatrical institutions to develop your skills and your talent!

In this selection of courses in the city of Boston, you will find amateur training, which will allow you to unwind after a long day of work, and will help you feel better and eliminate bad vibes. You will have the opportunity to work on your creativity and imagination during improvisation and audition sessions. For more professional training, you will find coaching courses to help you excel in different areas, such as singing, dancing, acting or theatre. You will also find paying schools that deliver annual training courses and diplomas, with the possibility of doing internships during public theatrical performances.

Indeed, theatre is a very beneficial practice, whether it is on the body, the mind, the personal or professional life. You will acquire skills that you will not be able to develop elsewhere, thanks to particular techniques and tools. Professional teachers and coaches with degrees in the world of theatre and film are there to accompany and advise you throughout the sessions you will attend.
Their role is to give you more confidence, to listen to you and to guide you while letting your imagination and creativity run free.

Speaking in front of an audience is not easy for everyone, it's a real job. You will gain in confidence and poise thanks to all the exercises that you will do regularly. It is also a very good method against stress, which is a bad molecule for the body if it is not well managed. With the practice of theatre and the breathing and relaxation exercises, you will be able to control your stress at any moment of your day.

Theatre is a real school of life. You will have the opportunity to experience things on stage and with your company that you will not experience anywhere else. You will learn to express yourself better, to make your body speak, to interpret a character, to work on your memory and to get on stage. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, these skills will always be useful!

Best acting classes in Boston in 2024

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Boston City Lights Performing Arts School🔗
1154 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118
Full time school : (617) 695.2856
Contact : duggan.hill@gmail.com
Website : Boston City Lights Performing Arts School

This performing arts school is free and open to all. It trains children in dance, singing, theatre and stage design. The courses are given in the form of community workshops, during which the young people learn a sense of social responsibility.
The aim is to develop self-confidence, self-discipline, acceptance of others, diversity, cooperation, respect for work done, and never giving up.
Three full-time volunteers accompany the young people during their classes: Duggan Hill, Braun Duggan and Tiane Donahue.
Within a community, you will be challenged and develop your individual skills around the different arts.

Dossy Peabody🔗
275 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2138
Full time school : (978) 594.4218
Contact : dossypeabody@gmail.com
Website : Dossy Peabody

This interim trainer offers private coaching sessions acting all year round. She adapts to your needs and objectives to offer you the most specific training for you.
The idea is that you will work on monologues and audition scenes, in preparation for the improvisation required during a casting. During these scene rehearsals, you can bring a partner to help you develop your skills.
Other exercises such as voice management, body language and creative acting will be covered to build on your unique strengths and talents.

CP Casting & Acting Studio🔗
CP Casting LLC, King Terminal Building, 110 K Street, Suite 340, South Boston, MA 02127
Full time school : (617) 451.0996
Contact : info@cpcasting.com
Website : CP Casting & Acting Studio

The studio offers full-service casting training for film, television, commercial and industrial applications.
Several courses are offered:
- Beginner's Acting Basics: an introductory acting course with various exercises to get a feel for the stage. The programme includes the development of imagination, creativity, listening skills, concentration and self-confidence.
- Auditioning for film and television for beginners, intermediate and advanced: you will get all the tools you need to develop your audition performance in different genres. You will go in front of the group with an assigned script and then your performance will be discussed to move forward in a collaborative manner.
- Scene Study and Character Analysis for Intermediate: Here you will learn to decipher scripts and techniques for playing characters off camera.
- Acting for the Camera for Intermediate and Advanced: This course trains you to let go of your insecurities and focus your thoughts on the character you are playing. All genres of film will be covered to allow you to discover different situations.

ArtBarn Community Theater🔗
PO. Box 470504, Brookline Village, MA 02447
Full time school : (617) 975.0050
Contact : info@artbarn.org
Website : ArtBarn Community Theater

This non-profit performing arts programme is open to all young people from kindergarten to high school. Singing, dancing, acting, set design and script creation are regular themes.
The young people experience a collaborative culture within the production companies, which allows them to discover an artistic social approach. Self-confidence is a skill that you will greatly enhance, as it is the key to getting on stage and performing in front of an audience. Through this skill, young people learn, grow, and achieve. At the end of the training, they are recognised for their public performance by the audience.

The school offers a wide range of programmes from introduction to theatre for the youngest children, to professional training courses in grades 9 to 12.
The programmes:
- Sprouts: classes for actors in pre-k & kindergarten. The little ones explore their creativity and imagination through playful musical and theatrical activities. Cost: $310 / session
- Field mice players: mainstage productions for actors in grades 1 & 2. Children build their confidence through artistic exercises (dance, singing, theatre) and put on an end-of-year performance. Cost: $620 / session
- Duck soup troupe: mainstage productions for actors in grades 3 & 4. The children work on stage design and text learning and produce a play or musical at the end of the year. Cost: $620 / session
- Out of the box productions: touring productions for actors in grades 4 - 6 (by audition). The troupe offers performances in nursery schools to introduce theatre to the children's culture.
- Barncats ensemble: mainstage productions for actors in grades 5 & 6. The children work on stage design and text learning and produce a play or musical at the end of the year. Cost: $620 / session
- Rafters company: mainstage productions for actors in grades 7 & 8. The students work on stage design and text learning, they propose a play or musical to be staged at the end of the year. Cost: $600 / session (2021 tuition, subject to change)
- Horsin' around improv: classes for improvisers in 5th - 9th grade. Classes focus on improvisation, public speaking, collaboration, and creativity. Cost: $300 / session (2021 tuition, subject to change)
- Internships: teaching and mentorship experience for high-school students and recent graduates. Interns have the opportunity to assist with directing, coaching actors, scenic design and choreography during various theatrical performances.

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