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Best acting classes in New-York in 2024


September 12, 2022

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Drama classes in New-York

Have you always dreamed of being on stage but haven't taken the plunge yet? You've come to the right place!
Discover the best acting courses in New York, both professional and amateur.

Here you are today, looking at the different acting course opportunities, but do you really know what you're getting into?
Whether it's to train professionally to become your profession, or simply to relax after a day's work, theatre has amazing benefits for the body and mind!

First of all, the practice of theatre allows a better management of stress and emotions. There are many exercises for that, we work on gestures, breath, we let off steam, we express ourselves, we play and we create relationships with others. These are very simple and playful exercises, which can also be done at home every day or whenever you feel the need.

If you want to become an actor, professional schools will give you all the basics you need to apply for auditions. The theatre professionals who accompany you throughout the year are there to help you gain confidence and improve your skills. The classic exercises that the courses offer you are movement training, including stage movement, use of space and body language. You will also have a lot of improvisation exercises, which is the basis for becoming a comedian or actor in the cinema. The ability to improvise allows you to bounce around in any situation, to let your imagination run wild and to demonstrate your responsiveness. The interpretation of text is also very important, it is a question of appropriating the character or characters, making them live through you and adapting your acting to their characters and emotions.

These exercises are also offered by amateur courses, the only notable difference is the investment in training, i.e. the time spent practising, and the professional orientation. These criteria will lead you to choose between amateur theatre courses or training in professional schools.

In any case, whichever training you choose, it will always be beneficial to your daily life. Stress management will make you feel more at ease in your life, learning a text will develop and perfect your memory, and improvisation and diction exercises will help you speak in public.

Remember also that theatre is a form of fun, a playful game to let off steam, test your limits and discover sharing and openness with others.

Best acting classes in New-York in 2024

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HB Studio🔗
120 Bank Street, New York, NY 10014
Full time & part time school: (212) 675-2370
Contact : international@hbstudio.org
Web site : HB Studio

The Theatre School offers various performing arts programmes, suitable for those who wish to become professional and for those who only want to practice as a hobby.

Part-time courses are available if you wish to take acting classes from time to time, alongside your main activities:
- Weekly courses: these are professional studio classes for actors, playwrights, and directors. You sign up for 10 weeks over the class of a year, taking the classes of your choice
- Workshops: specialising in skill building, these workshops are available throughout the year. There are workshops to learn how to imitate accents or voice-overs, to learn audition or production techniques for example.

There are also full-time classes for those who really want to specialise in the art of acting and make a living out of it:
- The Hagen Core Training: the course lasts for one year, at HB Studio's Acting Conservatory at The Uta Hagen Institute. The training covers all aspects of acting, including acting technique, voice, movement, text analysis, etc. Cost: $445-$645 per term
- Summer Intensive: A 6-week condensed version of The Hagen Core Training with the same classes. Entry by application and audition.

L'Atelier Thèâtre🔗
520 8th AVE, MANHATTAN, 16th FLOOR
Contact : info@ateliertheatreny.com
Website : L'Atelier Thèâtre

L'Atelier Theatre provides drama classes in French to adults in New York. Founded in 2013, L'Atelier Theatre offers classes at all levels in scene study, improv, public speaking, & commedia dell'arte. Every May, our students perform in a state of the art theater and present a festival of French plays.

Kimball Studio🔗
78 Fifth Ave., New York, NY
Full time school : (212) 929-1984
Contact : info@kimballstudio.com
Website : Kimball Studio

It is a female-run performing arts school that offers seasons of performances, workshops, and events as well as weekly professional theatre classes.

To attend the school as a new student, you must attend the 8-week Combo or Ballistics Classes before joining the annual programme. You will attend one 2-hour class per week.

These classes focus on on-camera training with the "Ballistics" technique. This means that you have scripts (film or TV), and you have to interpret them during the course. Here, the objective is to follow a training that is a mother to professional acting and that trains you in the skills to audition for film and TV.

Cost for On-Cam COMBO Classes: $325/month for 2 months ($650 total)

Neighborhood Playhouse🔗
340 E. 54th St, New York, NY
Full time school : (212) 688-3770
Contact : admissions@neighborhoodplayhouse.org
Website : Neighborhood Playhouse

This theatre faculty offers a two-year, full-time certificate program in professional acting as well as a concentrated six-week summer intensive program. You will be able to develop your talent through the various courses offered, while beginning your career in theatre or acting.
The first year of study consists of developing the actor's instrument through improvisation and acting with text. You will work on the basics of stagecraft, e.g. voice work, movement, breathing, gestures, memory, etc.
In the second year, the courses focus on improvisation, character work, acting with text and emotional management and interpretation. The course ends with a public performance.
The course lasts approximately 30 hours per week over 32 weeks per year for a total fee of $36,800.

The summer intensive courses are offered over 6 weeks. They offer a variety of activities similar to the full-time class, such as acting, voice and speech, acting on camera and dance. Cost: $3,850.

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